Virtual Oracle is Video Game/ Movie, News, Review site. Where not only the latest but the most authentic content is posted every single day. The Site aims to fill itself up with the latest gaming & movie news, reviews, opinions previews for upcoming titles. All this is only possible because of our committed staff. Our team of Authors as well as off-site managers, never get tired of working, because they all love it. We have shared a unique description of our Authors and the staff members, below.


Our Authors are good at least in one of the three things; they either love watching movies and seasons or they are crazy about gaming, if not these then they certainly know how to produce words that can spread the love.


His love for movies are beyond imagination, and his passion for games will never die. He is the senior Editor/Writer. Has completed a baccalaureate degree, but wants to serve the gaming community all the while showing appreciation for the film industry. Among various games, his favorite one is Assassins Creed Brotherhood. In his free time, he is a killer on CS: GO and PUBG. Although his love and skills on the old classic Unreal Tournament is as deep as Mariana Trench.

When it comes to movies, he is a database, his passion, and knowledge for the film industry cannot be described in few words. His favorite Director/Producer/Screen Writer is Hayao Miyazaki. Whose production he considers to be his soul redemption. That said, he is not much of a mainstreamer so he has gone deep into those brilliant films and season which most of the people are not accustomed to.

Ammar Niazi
Senior Editor

Though he is an accountant by profession, his knack for Movies and Gaming has never left his soul. He is an old soul when it comes to games. His love for fast cars is beyond imagination and that is why NFS series has never disappointed him. He likes to take out his frustration by killing zombies in Dying Light. A die heart fan of Call of Duty franchise.

When we talk about his eternal love, we get, either Gladiator, or The Shawshank Redemption and these are just the tip of the iceberg. The list goes on and on. His best armor is his unique perception.

MD - Marketing Director

Muhammad Hasaan is our tech guy, and the guy who runs this whole structure, without him we may have written content but it will be of no use. He is a wizard when it comes to SEO and a devil when it comes to gaming. His interest in the tech world has landed him in various places.

When it comes to website marketing he is your guy. He can turn dust into gold in the shortest span of time. In his free time, he likes to play PUBG, Fortnite, and CS: GO. In his old school days, he used to rock the Unreal tournament.