Here at Virtual Oracle we like to call ourselves, The Seer of the Virtual world. We are game enthusiasts as well as Movieholics. So we thought while there is so much out there in the world, why does it feel, as if that we miss out on the best stuff? A great many things are out there that the world is not aware of.

Why not give that best stuff to those know what quality actually is. We saw the world slipping away into a pit of commercialization. Where every game and especially almost every movie is being infected by pure commercialism.

We aim to highlight those things that do not fall into commercialism but rather in Artwork. We aim to evolve with the passage of time. With an amazing audience, we will set out to provide the quality that no other has thought of providing.

We don’t just aim to provide the latest news, we have the vision to give something, what everyone has failed to, spiritual transcendence.

We assure you that disappointment is a word that we have excluded from our dictionary.