Well this is pretty interesting apparently, is seems like Microsoft is reportedly interested in taking Warner Bros. Interactive under its wing. This alleged news came into existence after the news of parent company AT&T shared the possibility of letting the video game development wing of Warner Bros go. Be that as it may the sale of such is not currently in the horizon, at least not at the moment. Based on the information a Microsoft Warner bros Interactive Entertainment Platform is in the mix; adding that apart from interest in other companies, Microsoft in interested in taking over, or in other words interested in acquiring Warner bros. along with its many game development studios.

Microsoft Warner bros Interactive Entertainment Platform

What is interesting is the fact that if this turns out to be true it would likely turn out with Microsoft also acquiring studios like, Avalanche Software, Monolith Productions, NetherRealm Studios, Rocksteady Studios, TT Games and many more. As you may already be aware of the fact that there are lot of game development studios of WB across the globe so most of them might fall under Microsoft if this case turns out to be true.

Bursting the Bubble

Well sorry to burst you bubble but if you are thinking that if Microsoft Warner bros Interactive Entertainment Platform become a reality there will be working on titles related to characters like Harry Potter or Batman, well slow your horses on that one because bear in mind that such deals never bring fine results when it comes to negotiating deals of such characters and titles. However there sill will be something related to what fans might think of on a general level that is.

A lot of interesting stuff could actually come into existence with an acquisition of such. With the new Xbox in the mix, this deal could potentially pave the way for future games of Xbox that might be something fans of both Microsoft and WB could look forward to.

Having said that these are just reports which seem to suggest so, if we find something legit and authentic only when we can make further assumptions. So while you can always hope for something interesting but we recommend that you take this news with a grain of salt for now. At least until further notice.

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