Well, you might have already heard about Mafia 2 getting its Definitive Edition, announcement of which is alleged for today 19th of May, and we are hoping for a release date. However, lucky for you, an early look of the gameplay has leaked out and you just might like it, especially if you are a fan.
This Mafia 2 Definitive Edition seemingly brings with it a brand new graphics, better visuals. So without any further wait, check out the video below.

Pretty decent no? Especially if you are a Mafia series fan then you will have a chance to immerse in this game settings once again. Having said that based on the original leak, it is alleged that the announcement of the resale of the Mafia Trilogy shall also take place soon.
One of the latest leaks about Mafia 2 Definitive Edition actually came from an official Microsoft Store leak. According to which we just might get to hear a release date of this edition today.

So with all the hopes up, we are waiting for something regarding it in an official manner. Sooner or later we will have it, that is pretty much certain at this point. If you are wondering what the price might be, well you are in luck as an Australian PlayStation Store, was recorded to have added this game to its library for sale. As always it was removed but fans were able to get some screenshots and it turns out it costs around $49.95, more or less considering the exchange rate from Australian to the American dollar. As for the complete collection, a lot of fans have seen the listings PlayStation store claiming it for AUD$99.95 which roughly translates to $60 US Dollars.

At the moment there is no official Mafia 2 Definitive Edition Release Date but rest assured we will have something soon enough. Hopefully something today.
What would really get any fan moving would be an announcement of Mafia 4 that is for sure, that is provided the fact that Hangar 13’s plans go according to the the expectations of the fans but that would definitely be a blast.

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