Sonic the Hedgehog has recently premiered and as the first week has passed, to everyone’s expectations it has set the record for the opening week. This Sonic the Hedgehog Video Game Movie was very much anticipated by the gaming community especially and seems like that as soon as it premiered they went all it. An estimated $57 million at the box office domestically, it has secured, which leaves behind the other game turned movie, that rolled out last year, Detective Pikachu which had an opening week of $54.3 million.

What is even more interesting is that $57 million is a three-day figure, as per The Hollywood Reporter. Moreover according to the THR projections $68 million domestically will be in the figures. This ultimately points towards the success of this Sonic the Hedgehog Video Game Movie.

Sonic the Hedgehog film rolled out on Valentine’s day, 14th of Feb. It centers around a small, blue, fast hedgehog, whom you will see team up with a small-town police officer to defeat an evil genius who wants to conduct experiments on it.

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