The Finish game developer, Remedy Entertainment whom you may also know from their 2019’s award-winning action-adventure game, Control, has just recently given official confirmation that they are working on 3 new games. The news of these 3 new games under development by Remedy Entertainment was revealed in the recent financial report.

While the Remedy is developing the promised paid expansions for the game Control, which are expected to land sometime this year. What is exciting is that three different teams inside the company are working on a first-person shooter, a live service title and third game details of which have been purposely kept hidden.

What is interesting is that Smilegate has also come to the aid of Remedy by providing assistance in the development of two separate games within the franchise. Smilegate is also known for its amazing first-person online shooter, CrossFire.

Moving towards the interesting part of the news, the third game details of which are still pretty limited is called Vanguard. Apparently, the aim is to approach this game in an unorthodox manner by creating new types of persistently online multiplayer experiences. Which sounds quite promising.

As per Remedy’s website, Vanguard is defined as,
“a small group of people working in an unconventional way with an aim to develop something quickly and independently inside an established organization.”

To add to that, according to the CEO of Remedy Tero Virtala, the team behind Vanguard has developed the internally playable version of the game. Which considering is internally playable, may lack a great many things but what this suggests is that the development of the game is going at a steady pace.

So hopefully, the details about the third game will soon roll out and as they do, we will surely keep you posted.

Having said that after seeing Remedy’s much-acclaimed Control game, there are few doubts that these 3 New Games by Remedy Entertainment will surely be amazing. However, you never know so we would recommend you to keep your fingers crossed for now.

Control rolled out back in August last year across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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