Goosebumps is what this amazing 2-hour movie gave most of the film fans. For those who are specifically fans of the war movies, this one should not be missed at any cost. The Movie 1917 by Sam Mendes with a 90 million USD budget has done true justice, in terms of entertainment, the execution and the emotional drama of World War I. To review, this movie 1917 is an honor itself.

You find two young British soldiers resting near a tree, where they are asked to report to the general in the hut. That is where things start to unfold, however, Sam Mendes has done an outstanding job in keeping the element of surprise intact everywhere in the film. These two soldiers, Schofield (George MacKay) & Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman), find themselves in the no man’s land as soon as they receive the impossible task to deliver the message that could potentially save lives 1600 of their other comrades.

Trying to not give the whole plot away because we urge enthusiasts to watch this film. However, what you can expect from this film is a sure shot, pure and classic piece of entertainment. Mendes gives a proper feeler of what it is like to be present in the trenches on the front line. The spontaneity in the war has played its part tremendously. The director Sam Mandes has written the screenplay to the finest which he adds at the end that is a work inspired by the stories told by his grandfather, being a runner in the British Army.

Moreover, the camera and the cinematic direction is just beautiful. Following these two young lads in a single long tracking shot gave all the right feelers of being right there in the field. The projection of the realities of the war, battle violence, is very much detailed and graphically realistic. The shootings, the strangling sequences, stabbings, and bombings are so very well executed that they keep you captivated.

Add to the reality check, the wounded soldiers can be seen soaked in blood, missing their limbs, and crying due to pain. The use of alcohol and soldiers can be seen as smoking along with strong use of language is also present. With all that said, the cameo appearances by Benedict Cumberbatch & Colin Firth has also played its part but the performances by George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman has done true justice.

This movie 1917, has received a great many positive reviews and for all the right reasons, each review speaks in its favor in its own way.

1917 Movie Review 4.4/5 (88%) 23 votes
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