The fans of Outer Worlds although enjoyed the game they still had a few reservations among which the length of the story was a major one. However, now you would be happy to know that a story-based DLC of the Outer Worlds will soon be joining us.

In the landing nominations of the 2019’s Game of the Year awards, the social media manager of the Obsidian Entertainment dropped this news of The Outer Worlds DLC along with highlighting that it will be an expansion of the Story.

While that may be the good news for the fans, it is also noticed that the teaser of this DLC did not shed much light on what it would be like. Furthermore, the word “free” was also not mentioned so it could be a high possibility that it might not be a premium. Perhaps we shall know more about this DLC soon enough.

The Outer Worlds originally launched in the last days of October and since then fans have been demanding a story expansion, until now nothing related to the DLC was announced.

Be that as it may, the devs before the release of the game did mention that mod support for the game will also be made available after the release of the game. So perhaps that too may soon happen.

The Outer Worlds is available across PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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