The Man In The High Castle Season 4, as well as the complete season, just wrapped up and Amazon Prime has done a really amazing job if anything else. The hype for the release of this season 4 was already pretty high, however, with it airing, it has only added more to the overall excitement and expectations. The ending of Man In The High Castle, really shook the audience of their seats but all in an optimistic manner.

While the ending of this epic alternative history was not quite clear and a bit vague, perhaps leaving it to the perception of the audience was a smart choice. The Black Communist Rebellion and other American resistance fighters have finally been able to strike down the Japanese Empire. Leaving Reich in the open for a brand new opportunity. John Smith now the Reichsmarshall of North America did not let go and turned everything into his favor.

However, the complexities this TV-Series proposed could not be executed any better. Especially in terms of ending, David Scarpa the showrunner added that the scene was made ambiguous intentionally.

“Part of the intention was to invite the audience to have their own interpretation of what they’re seeing on screen.”

Adding more explanation he said that the porter is essentially open and will perhaps remain open.

“The portal is, essentially, open and it is going to remain open. In effect, what that means is two worlds have become one. There’s a doorway from one world into the next, and now people can move freely between them.”

Be that as it may, while a fan of this TV series may be able to absorb the ending, The Man In The High Castle gave, there were few moments, which did seem slightly off the rail towards the ending. Like the way, John Smith’s train was targeted felt like an amateur attempt which we could not see before. In fact, if targeting Smith was this easy, could it not have been one before but then again a lot of stuff had to happen in order to reach this point.

So with that said, The Man In The High Castle TV series has been able to successfully pull the ending. Unlike many other TV shows, which set the benchmark up high and then not been able to meet halfway.

If you have not yet seen this TV Series then we highly recommend that you see it.

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