There have been some whispers about a new Half-Life but everyone had their reservations. However, just recently, Valve took to its official Twitter account and announced the new Half Life Game. This new one is known as, Half Life: Alyx. The company had been working on its development for some time now, perhaps that is why we had been seeing a few rumors regarding it. Now with its official announcement, there is quite a lot of excitement as Half Life is one of the most loved first-person shooter series.

As per Valve, this new Half Life game will be a “flagship VR game“.

Be that as it may, this is pretty much it on what we know about this title, however, more shall be revealed come Thursday at 10 am PT, as per the Tweet. So while to speculate what this new game will be like, what will the game setting be like, its narrative and more, Valve was courteous enough to put together a video just last month, piecing every evidence together that suggested this very announcement. Check it out below.

With that being said, back in January when the co-writer of Half-Life 2,  Eric Wolpaw made a return to Valve, many thought that to suggest that new Half Life game to be in development and they were not wrong.

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