While Ubisoft has been busy for the past few years, in developing and publishing some of its major titles, one major franchise has been out of the picture for quite some time now. There have been quite a lot of rumors and leaks regarding a new Splinter Cell game but nothing official or substantial on which any fan could rely on. However, just recently, Ubisoft Spain through its official Twitter account uploaded an image of Sam Fisher with the iconic multi-vision goggles, along with the caption in Spanish, when translated says,

“You need to understand the darkness to face it.”

Obviously, after seeing this, fans of this franchise might get the idea that a new Splinter Cell game might finally be in the mix, that Ubisoft is finally developing it and this tease markets its news to be out in the open on an official level. However, we would still recommend you to hold your horses for now. As not too long ago, Ubisoft did say that they were looking into Splinter Cell, adding that some type of experiments might be done with the game on new devices. This was then followed by many reports suggesting that perhaps a VR version of Splinter Cell might be under consideration.

So putting that into context, this Tweet could very well snub the idea of a new Splinter Cell game with a VR version of the game. That said, it would still be too early to speculate on this but what you can be sure about is that something is definitely happening for the Splinter Cell fans for sure.

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