Before Death Stranding actually rolled out, there were a lot of mixed early reviews of the game by some major sites. From a score of a perfect 10 to 4 out of 10 were given. Which got everyone thinking that why such a highly anticipated game is receiving such mixed reviews? Could it be possible that the game actually might not be as good as Kojima portrays it to be? Well, on November 1st Death Stranding rolled out and as soon as it rolled out, Bridges Baby gave all the critics who rated this game low, a middle finger treatment.

While it is known that reviews of games these days are not as original as they used to be. Most of the reviews these days are just an advertising outlet. However, for many fans, they still do serve as a reason to purchase the game or not. Spending every extra dollar is a heartbreaking job, especially in these downward trending economic times. Players get confused with what kind of game would this be and with such reviews, there was a lot of ambiguity among the players to go-ahead for the game or not.

Well on that note, since the game is out, you can happily buy the game if you were already thinking about it because the game has turned out to be really amazing. The game seems to be receiving quite a lot of appreciation from the fans who are already halfway through the game. Apart from that for those trying to avoid the spoilers, join the line as a lot of stuff is already out there over at the social media so stay vigilant.

About the Middle Finger part, *Spoiler Alert* We know that BB stands for Bridges Baby and now in the image posted, Igor’s BB can be seen showing a middle finger to Guillermo del Toro, however, since Death Stranding is actually really amazing, nothing like what the negative critics said it would be like. So we believe that this middle finger is for them.

Be that as it may, Death Stranding is also officially set to roll out for PC, in the early summer of 2020. So heads up for the PC gamers.

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