While it is a known fact that PS4 was a leading console in terms of sales compared to its counterpart, Xbox One, the news of upcoming next-gen is where the future is. With the fast-evolving gaming industry, there is a lot of more competition rising for Sony as well as Xbox. Just recently Sony’s CFO Hiroki Totoki, during the company’s financial call said that the development of PS5 Console is going according to the plan and that the company believes that it will be a console that would again be leading the market.

“Development of the PS5 is progressing according to plan and we believe the development of game titles by our software development partners is progressing smoothly.”

Moreover, Tokoti also added that Sony along with its developing partners will be making sure that the gaming experience stays as amazing as possible.

highly-engaging gameplay experiences that both current users of PS4 and potential new users have come to expect.”

While all that adds hope the fact that Sony had to share such hopefull statements is perhaps because of the fact that it knows the evolving market. With the gaming industry moving towards cloud gaming and especially the induction of new platforms like Google Stadia. The market share of the PS5 console, as well as Xbox Scarlett, will definitely be affected. What seems to be is that this time Sony won’t be making the PS5 Console for the fans but rather for the market and that is where they will lose their market share in the long run. However, this is just speculation, and things might not pan out as we might expect it to.

Be that as it may, recently a PS5 design which was perhaps pitched back, when the console was in its earlier stages also surfaced and it too has received mixed reviews from the fans. However, bear in mind that this design is not the official one and was only a pitched design.

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