Kojima Production‘s much-anticipated game Death Stranding is slated to roll out on November 8, 2019, for PS4, and so with only a few days apart, a launch trailer for this game has also been released. Along with that various reviews regarding the game have started to pop up. What is really perplexing, is the way this game is being reviewed by various critics. Ranging from an amazing masterpiece to something as near as garbage, adding only the fact that it could be playable. However, that is all that the critics have to say, we, on the other hand, have hope and faith towards this game penetrating the gaming market with a lot of significance. If we are to review Death Stranding we would say that the game is certainly a complex one when it comes to the story and the narrative.

That is what perhaps forces most of the critics to think that this game would be a time waste as the audience is not ready for something this complex. While on the other hand, we think that that is where those who side with this notion might be wrong as after seeing all the previous trailer and gameplay’s along with this new launch trailer, it is safe to say that this is a step up, a level up from the cliche genre to a whole new one. The gameplay as you may see is pretty new and amazing.

What we know so far about the game, is that the Death Stranding world is pretty vast and rigged with some complicated systems which suggest a lot of ambition behind this title. Most of the reviewers have argued that this is what makes the game all some boring. However, our review about Death Stranding sums up with it being something unique and new in the gaming market. With an amazing new narrative, soulful take with sounds, along with horror, thriller, and mystic approach to the game is what will make it all the more interesting. Reviewers have gone from rating it 3 to as high as 9 however it has always been the case that whenever reviewers have not been able to digest or contemplate they always wind up confusing the game for the fans and players.

For those who have played Metal Gear Solid probably might get somewhat of a similar vibe and might think that the navigation might be an issue, provided the game is pretty massive. That might have been true if the game had been rolling out years back. It is pretty evident that Kojima has used his experience to not repeat mistakes done in the past. While we can not add much on how extensive the game might be in terms of spending time in menus trying to balance the cargo but that is more of a question of preference and not a drawback of the game.

With that being said, consider our review of Death Stranding to be a positive on and we highly recommend this game to consistent gamers and not seasoned gamers. Furthermore, what is really exciting is the fact that the game will also be rolling out for PC in the Summer of 2020. So that is also good news.

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