For those who own a decent PC that can run games with a decent visual graphics, this here is going to be a treat. As just moments ago, the developers of the upcoming PS4 game Death Stranding posted news that has spurred a wave of excitement among the PC fans around the globe. Death Stranding which was considered to be a Sony exclusive is no more exclusive as a PC version and its release date has been officially announced.

Yes, who would have thought, Death Stranding to roll out for PC? Let me tell you, no one! Moments back Kojima Productions took to their official Twitter account and posted an image of Death Stranding alongside the caption of the PC version and its release date to center around the Summer of 2020.

While this is more of a release window, however, the news itself is pretty shocking and exciting altogether. Check Out the Tweet below.

Back in the month of August, we did report some spottings which suggested a PC version of the game but at that time their was no genuine source to substantiate it.

Traditionally when big games roll out for Sony’s console they stay there, however, it seems the tides are turning and big games like Death Stranding are making their way towards the PC platform. What is really interesting is that Rockstar Game‘s Red Redemption 2 which rolled out last year for consoles only, was really anticipated by the fans for PC. For quite some time PC fans were not able to get the Wild West feeling. However, just a few days back, RDR 2 PC version and a trailer also got announced officially.

So adding Death Stranding PC version along with its release date and we are in for a treat alright. It is really good to see that some of the high-interest games are making their way to PCs. It seems that perhaps the gaming industry is shifting its interests and perhaps new platforms like Google Stadia might be the driving force for such changes as it attempts to bring games even closer to the audience than ever before.

So are you excited about the Death Stranding PC version? Let us know in the comments below.

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