Developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Games, WWE 2K20 has become a failure as soon as it rolled out. Yes and this is no joke. One of the most anticipated wrestling games, WWE 2K20 release date was set for October 22 and while it somehow managed to roll out it also managed to roll back as quickly as possible.

As soon as the game rolled out, the reports of multiple glitches, major bugs and issues started popping up for the PlayStation 4 users and before you know it Sony was offering refunds. While the other platforms also seem to be encountering issues but they seem too basic at this point compared to the bugs and issues faced by the PlayStation users. The WWE 2K20 Release Date has now been termed as one of the most catastrophic releases as one of the fastest refunds took place in a matter of 30 minutes following the release.

That has got to be one of the most embarrassing releases to have taken place. To add more specifics, the bugs in the game seemed to originate from some kind of problem with the in-game programming. Causing the characters to be all glitchy almost everywhere. Causing it to float in the air, falling down for no apparent reason and such. Which was pretty hilarious to see but for those who had spent on the game, it was really agitating.

Furthermore, it appears as if the physics of the game is pretty much broken and so rather than wrestling fans only got out a hard laugh if anything else. Moving on to the visuals, they too are very distorted as textures were in most cased all broken as stuff.

While it was a good decision by Sony to get this game of the streets and give refunds, it has to be added that no one even checked this game or ran quality assurance before releasing it. Which is a pretty hopeless attitude.

Check out a Tweeted screenshot of a chat with Sony by a fan asking for a refund.

Also check out a small clip of one of the bugs, Tweeted by another fan who fell victim to this release.

With that being said, it is safe to say that these bugs will be taken care off and perhaps another release will be set. However, until then refunds are the only option for those who have purchased the game.

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