Batman games have a huge fan following, there is no doubt about that and perhaps that is why; there is a lot of excitement among fans over social media regarding the upcoming Upcoming Batman Video Game and now it seems fans have made up their mind on its title as well.

Following the tease by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, a wave of excitement spurred across the social media and since then fans have been expecting to hear something regarding this Upcoming Batman Video Game that they have attempted to deduce from the thin on the ice tease its alleged title to be Batman: Arkham Legacy.

Since the tease by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, weeks passed but nothing was revealed. In fact, fans had been expecting a presentation in which the upcoming Batman game could have surfaced. However, that did not become the case and much to the dismay, fans are not yet ready to boil down.

Sabi an online game enthusiast and perhaps the best guy accustomed to the leaks that spurred out at this year’s E3. Has shared his thoughts regarding the title name for this upcoming Batman video game to be Batman Arkham Legacy. He adds background to this name by claiming that the rumors about “a playable family seem to be legitimate” and other supporting rumors that Robin, Nightwing, and others could also be incarnated. All of which boils down to the origin of the name Arkham Legacy.

While all that is said and done, what remains is Warner Bros. giving us confirmation to all of this. Let’s hope that we get to hear something in the coming days.

So are you excited about this alleged Batman video game and what are your thoughts on the rumored title name? Let us know in the comments below.

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