The recently released standalone Joker film has left the audience in awe, as it has now left behind Justice League and Logan while rising with a $700 million at the Box office. Now, what that is just a number which is expected to go up as each day passed. What seems to be really getting a lot of attention apart from this Joker film, is now diverted towards Jared Leto, the former Joker as one might add.

After a staggering performance by Joaquin Phoenix in this recently released Joker Film that is rising its trend at the Box Office, Jared Leto is being pinned down on various platforms. Apparently, as it seems Jared Leto felt somewhat ignored or perhaps “alienated and upset when Warner Bros. went ahead with Todd Phillips version of the Joker film with Joaquin Pheonix rather then him.

As reported by THR, the 47-year old star, Leto, although played a really intense role of the crime lord in 2016’s Suicide Squad; Warner Bros. However, went along with a standalone Joker film with Phillips version that had Joaquin Pheonix, rather than Leto. After all the promises made to Leto by Warner Bros. for his own stand-alone film. This had perhaps let the talented Leto in dismay.

However, much to the dismay, what is really fascinating is the fact that Warners when picked Phillps film thought it to be a small movie on the side, that they did not expect to capture that much attention. In fact, they were nervous about it being a dark and grim tone that might offset the audience. Intriguingly that did not become the case, if anything else, the film is a major success and the rising success at the Joker film Box Office is living proof.

Something to add here is that according to some sources, Leto felt that his agents did not pursue the Joker version of Phillips for him harder enough. If that is the case then yes perhaps, Leto is upset about Joker’s film taking a toll on his talent and success.

With that being said, it has to be acknowledged that both of the actors are very much talented and without any doubt can perform the roles in their perfect forms.

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