Just a few days back an official Sony PS5 video surfaced, which apparently has given light on how the upcoming Sony PS5 might look like in terms of Design. While this apparent design looks pretty decent, it has to be understood that this is not the official design and there is a very high possibility that it might not even look anything like in this Sony PS5 Design Video.

While it is pretty fantastic in terms of the looks, Sony PlayStation 5 insider has given confirmation that this design is not the original one rather it is a prototype design that was pitched back in August to the devs in order to prepare them to ready a console.

Be that as it may, the release date for PS5 has been confirmed and it is slated to launch sometime between November or December of 2020. Moreover, PS5 will have a custom-made AMD Navi processor, which will add an 8K Ultra HD support along with it will also have a power-saving mode which will add to its efficiency.

Having said that it long time competitor Microsoft is also working on its own next-gen console as you may already know and that too will be powered by AMD. While it might be a win-win situation for AMD, both competitors have a very tough competition between them. To add a cherry on top, we have Google Stadia.

Google Stadia, is the new cloud-based platform for gaming and while it’s taking a jump start, the technology it is providing, really puts a question mark on the future of these upcoming console. Sony knows it and so the Microsoft.

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