Well, the month of October is here and as we are approaching Halloween, the horror excitement is spiking up. A great many video game fans are now diverting towards various horror games, to get into a proper scary feel. Some playing the old classics while others are hoping for something new. Among those fans are the fans of Alien Isolation who are all eyes out for an Alien Isolation Sequel Game to perhaps feature this Halloween. Unfortunate as it may seem, there is no word from the developers on it. However, not all hope should be lost.

This single-player survival-horror game based on one of the most anticipated popular film series seems to be what the fans are looking forward to. However, it seems the devs are all but silent on when it comes to Alein Isolation Sequel let alone feature a horror game this Halloween.

What is really agitating is the fact that when Alien Isolation rolled out back in October of 2014 across, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One it met with some really positive reviews and feedback. Recent at E3 2019 we also got to hear that a Nintendo Switch version will also be rolling out soon enough. So why not an Alien Isolation Sequel? The time is right? It’s Halloween and for fans, it’s always game time.

The atmosphere of the game was something that really captured the audience back in 2014 and the release window of October made it worth a while. To add further, this creation of Creative Assembly, met with a score of 81 on Metacritic for the PC version. Since then fans have been urging and screaming out for an Alien Isolation Sequel Game and with Halloween almost here, it is unfortunate that the devs don’t seem to have anything related to it at all. Perhaps that Nintendo Switch version might get through this month.

So why no Alien Isolation Sequel Game this Halloween?

What we can contemplate is that back in 2015 it was reported that Alien Isolation sold about 2.11 million copies and that was a remarkable number for a horror game. However, as it seemed Sega was not much happy with those numbers and despite receiving a major 41% increase in packaged software sales, that year, the company considered it a misadventure. Which for the fans is totally uncalled for.

Following that the company had been focused on Halo Wars 2 after its release they had set eyes for Total War: Warhammer 2 but Alien Isolation Sequel was and currently nowhere in sight. That said, it is also to be added that back in 2017 FoxNext came into existence to handle video games, VR, as well as theme parks for 20th Century Fox and rights for Alein Isolation, belong to them. Who apparently had been focused on other things apparently.

Sad as it may seem, we still believe that perhaps the devs just might give us some hope an Alien Isolation Sequel Game, if not this Haloween then perhaps next.

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