Just recently in an interview, Sony gave confirmation that from a tech point of view the company has worked up the magic of enabling PlayStation 4 Cross play. However, it is not for commercial use yet since it has officially moved out of the beta stage.

This we came to know from the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, who added that while there is no official word on when this will be available for the fans. However, PS4 Crossplay is officially ahead of its beta stage. Which means that they have finally done it and are just making some tweaks and necessary changes.

The refusal of PS4 Crossplay by Sony is a long-running debate but it seems like the tides are finally turning. Being able to play with friends with different consoles or platforms is a privilege and something that moves ahead of barriers and not only in terms of technological advances but also in terms of the industry’s openness towards the gaming community.

Having said that COD: Modern Warfare will be the opening game for PlayStation 4 cross-play, there are other games like Rocket League and Dauntless which too might join.

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