Death Stranding and the recently released Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix require little or no introduction. Recently the creator of soon to be released game, Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima shared his take on the Joker film and it turned out he is now a fan of the film.

This new comic film seems to be getting quite a lot of attention in a very positive way. The early Joker film review we did, points towards the success we anticipated it to achieve. However, with the recent comments of Kojima, the hype is now even greater. Kojima has given considerable praise to this film. Adding that it is a movie that will resonate in the years to come. He further goes ahead to compare it with The Exorcist in the manner how it altered the direction of the horror genre. Implying that this too is a game-changer.

Kojima took to his Twitter account and posted an image in which he shared his views, which are apparently in the Japanese language. Courtesy of “@alfreid17” we are able to know what Kojima actually said. However, it is to be noted that this is just a rough translation but the gist is there.

Referring to the Joker film, the Death Stranding creator, said,

“movie to change the history of cinema.” adding further that it is “no longer an American Comic movie.” Rather it “is the birth of the 21st century ‘Taxi driver.’ Arthur is consumed, and Travis’ justice slowly becomes evil.”

To put it short, Kojima considers it a true masterpiece in the section of villain movies made for adults.

“today’s disparity of the have and have nots, and scoffs at the ‘dark’ within society. Truly a masterpiece of villain movies made for adults.”

With that being said, why Kojima’s word mean anything? Well the creator himself is known for developing unique games with very innovative and creative narratives. His Metal Gear Solid series is a prime example of remarkable creativity in the gaming industry. So from one creative creator appreciating another piece of art, it only seems an appropriate gesture.

Be that as it may, Kojima’s Death Stranding is slated to release on November 8, 2019, on PlayStation 4. While the Joker film is set to hit theaters, on 4th October, which is next week.

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