You might be tired of hearing or reading that Google Stadia is the future, well even if you are not tired or have not heard it, you would definitely want to know what the much-loved developer of the Assassin’s Creed series has to say. In the most recent issue of MCV, the Executive Director of Ubisoft, Alain Corre, shared his and company’s take on this new emerging platform. Addressing the big question, is Google Stadia really worth it?

Well before we head down to what he actually said, it has to be acknowledged that Ubisoft is in deep partnership with Google in terms of Stadia. The company has scheduled most of its upcoming titles to roll out on Stadia. With six titles to be available on Stadia’s launch. So is Google Stadia worth is? No one can give a better insight into this than Ubisoft itself.

Alain Corre expanded on two primary interest when talking about Stadia as a dependable platform. First, one being the fact that the company wants to expand its install base to this new generation of gamers. Second, is the utilization of hardware capabilities of cloud gaming in an attempt to deliver Tripple A title experiences.

While most of us are still mulling over, what Google Stadia actually is? Alain Corre has argued in his statement that there are a lot of gamers out there who do not prefer physical games let alone a physical machine. With Stadia, he adds that the gap between the two will be filled. This gap he emphasizes, are those people who are disconnected from the gaming industry. Furthermore, Alain adds that in the coming years with the rising capacities of the cloud servers, Ubisoft will be able to bring the next generation of games.

What really captures the essence of why Google Stadia is really worth it? is the fact that it enables the creators to add more AI into games. Which means more characters, more NPCs to enhance the experiences of the games.

The servers will help our creators to put more AI into games, more characters, more NPC’s

Having said that people in those countries that have not had the privilege of being exposed to high-end games, due to limited technological advancements, may find streaming to be very much appealing.

Streaming will appeal to some people in some countries that have never been able to consume games before.

According to Alain Corre, the streaming technology has only just begun and it will continue to grow for the better. Which primarily is true to some level as Stadia is perhaps the only new competitor to PlayStation and Xbox Consoles. Both of which to are looking into Cloud services, with a whole new spectrum. What will happen to the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Scarlett? Well, that is a question that too has been addressed but for now, it is safe to say that Stadia is actually really worth it, even though it’s limited initially.

With partners like Ubisoft, it will only be a matter of time that Stadia becomes the next big platform for gaming.

Having said that Stadia is slated to launch in November this year in 14 countries including, including United States, Canada, and UK.

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