While Nintendo Switch is a much-loved hybrid console, there are a few features and aspects of this console which have been widely criticized. However, lucky for you, according to this Youtube Channel, Spawn Wave, we get to see a genuine hardware comparison of Nintendo Switch Lite with the original Switch. Spawn Wave is basically done a Nintendo Switch Lite teardown of its hardware.

While you can check out the video below. We have mentioned below some of the key features and criticisms he has mentioned.

Nintendo Switch Lite Analogue Sticks

That said, it has noticed during the Nintendo Switch Lite teardown that while it has features which are different or supposed to be different from the original Switch as per the changes claimed by Nintendo. There are things that otherwise appear to be not changed or perhaps identical in design.

According to Spawn Wave host, Jonathan Downey, Nintendo could have utilized other efficient materials to improve the performance of the sticks as they seem to be the same ones found on the original ones. However, there is no actual evidence to actually support this.

As you may be aware that the original Nintendo Switch has been greatly criticized for a noticeable flaw found by may users in its analog sticks. Many of the users have been recorded to report “drifting” Joy-Con controllers, with reports of it processing inputs even when the sticks are not being touched.

This issue was brought into attention with a wider public resulting in a class-action lawsuit back in July. After which, Nintendo of America approved free repairs to the users encountering such issue.

So now with no difference noticed in the material by Spawn Wave host, it does seem that you may encounter an analog issue in the Nintendo Switch Lite version.

“It appears to be the same design. Even inside it looks very, very similar with the pads and everything. Maybe Nintendo made some small differences with the materials they’re using here, but from what I can tell it looks the same right now.” Jonathan Downey said

Nintendo Switch Lite Battery

As seen in the Nintendo Switch Lite teardown video, it has also been confirmed by Downey that this Lite version of the console has a smaller 13.6 watt-hour (Wh) battery. With that, he also adds that it is 16% smaller than the 16Wh battery in the original Switch model. What this actually means is that they have increased the battery life slightly, which is primarily achieved by the utilization of a more efficient processor.


As noticed, this Lite version also has a smaller screen. Which is manufactured by InnoLux. InnoLux is the same company behind the updated Nintendo Switch model but not the one behind upgraded IGZO display from Sharp. Sharp is reported to be lined up for a future version of the console, so, unfortunately, it does not seem have made it in the Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch Lite Speakers

Finally, in the Nintendo Switch Lite Teardown, we reach towards the speakers. Which appear to be same as that one found in the original Switch. So perhaps while you may find it a relief, you should know that in Switch Lite they are encased in plastic potentially with an aim to direct better audio. However, complications may be encountered.

Switch Lite Wifi Antennas

It seems like the location of the Wi-Fi antennas has also been changed, which could perhaps result in better reception. Fingers crossed.

Television Play

Lastly, it has to be added that television play is not possible with Switch Lite, provided the fact that the Semiconductor required for passing video via USB is not physically present on the board so its a no, no.

With all that said, if the Nintendo Switch Lite Review is to be summarized, one could say that is is more convenient, with some higher quality and some cheaper quality materials and elements compared to its predecessors.

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