The release of Death Stranding might be the biggest bombshell of the year. Kojima Production has made sure of that or at least that is what he has assured his fans. While the release of this much-anticipated game is November 8, 2019, which is pretty close, the question regarding Death Stranding PG Rating has been lately put into context.

Just recently the rating for Germany was revealed via the Game’s German box art and it is USK 16. Which means that anyone who is of 16 years or above can purchase the game and play it legally in Germany. Now for the Death Stranding PG Rating, this adds to the speculation that it might be PG 16 in the US as well.

Why do we say that, when Metal Gear Solid V rolled out, the game got a USK rating of 18 and also got PG rating of 18 and above. Due to its violent and mature content along with powerful grip on the grim realities of war. However, with Death Stranding getting a USK 16 it primarily suggests that Death Stranding PG rating might also settle for 16.

Be that is it may, it is mere speculation and we shall officially know about it soon enough.

That said, while Death Stranding is slated to roll out on November 8, 2019, across PlayStation 4 only, at the moment at least, a PC version might also join the line, hopefully.

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