As you may already be aware of the fact that the current generation consoles of both Microsoft and Sony saw two models. One of which were the high-end models and the other ones the base model. It seems similar might be the case for the upcoming Sony’s PlayStation 5 console. According to a Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa, there is a high possibility that at the launch next year, there will be two PlayStation 5 Models.

As per the word of Zenji, Sony has acknowledged a lot of interest towards their high-end model version of this upcoming console and wants the fans to experience the awesomeness of this console right from the start. While this may seem a piece of interesting news, it is to be duly noted that this is just a claim from a journalist and bears the capacity to be proven wrong.

Having said that it does seem to reason that why Sony would want to roll out two PlayStation 5 Models together? That would probably be the fact that they have come to a realization that the video game industry is entering a new phase of its evolution. That is to say, putting into the account of newer platforms like Google Stadia, it only seems reasonable to maximize, on the sales of their upcoming console. Rolling out the base and the high-end version would definitely increase their probability.

While we know that Stadia may seem promising, it might take some time, getting used to. The requirements for the subscriptions and limited games available it might take some years to fully stretch its wings. Perhaps that is the time period Sony wants to maximize on.

Be that as it may, this is just a speculation and we can not be certain on whether Sony would actually be rolling out the two PlayStation 5 consoles together or not.

A lot more news regarding PS5 is still to surface so, stay tuned for more interesting details.

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