Just recently the Dark Waters Trailer rolled out and the word on the street is that it just might be a serious contender at the approaching Academy Awards. The film stars, the talented Hulk aka Mark Ruffalo, who himself is known for his brilliant work. So that too adds to the notion of it becoming a genuine contender.

The film sets around Ruffalo, a defense attorney, who finds out the reality of a chemical company Dupont, which he has been previously defending. So we know where this is going right?

As you may see in the trailer, we see Ruffalo’s character unearthing the reality of the company on how have they been poisoning 70, 000 residents of a town through their water supply. Yes, it seems pretty intense and captivating. What is really interesting is the fact that it is based on the true story of Robert Bilott who actually fought against Dupont over this issue.

Be that as it may, alongside Ruffalo we have some of the amazing cast that includes, Anne Hathaway, Bill Pullman, and Tim Robbins. Dark Waters is directed by Todd Haynes who is also known for directing Carol, I’m Not There and Far from Heaven and many more. Mario Correa and Matthew Michael Carnahan have provided the screenplay.

Check out the Dark Waters Trailer below.

Having said that all, Dark Waters is slated to premiere on November 22 this year.

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