E3 is something that every game knows about and that is why is of major interest for the video game fans. While we still are settling down with what this year’s E3 gave us, it seems to be, that the organizers of this event are trying to evolve with every evolving gaming industry. The ESA is currently in a thought process and nothing is final at the moment but it seems to be that their intentions point towards E3 2020 getting a revamp.

Making the show a “fan, media, and influencer festival”. This was reported by GameDaily.biz, who were successful enough to obtain a pitch deck proposal for E3 2020. According to the U.S trade association, there are plans to significantly alter the format of the event in its entirety, this was in response to publisher feedback.

Now what kind of changes one can expect are not sure but what we do know is that as per the proposed E3 2020 revamp, the expo will be bringing in more influencers and celebrities to play games along with participating in various activities at the event to enhance the experience. For example, inviting athletes to play sports games in front of their fans or getting actors to compete in the tournaments is what they have in mind.

Moreover, the E3 2020 revamp will also see to it that these events where influencers participate, shall take place in eight “experience hubs”, scattered throughout the LA Convention Center’s West Hall. This was seen in the proposed floor plan picture, which you can check out below.

Having said that it is also a high possibility that the E3 scheduled may just be amended. Making the first day of expo into an industry-only oriented event. Furthermore, trying to avoid those long lines ESA is also considering to develop a digital app, similar to that of the FastPass system used by Disney at their theme parks. It would if created, allow people to scheduled demo appointments during specific intervals.

While this change may seem big, but back in 2017 when ESA opened the show up to the general public for the first time ever, that was the really major game-changer. However, with Sony and EA canceling their traditional press conference, it seems like some changes are definitely coming to this lovely event and we just might not like all of them.

Speaking of celebrities, it is not strange to see the organizers of the event noticing the impact of celebrities. The announcement of Cyberpunk 2077 by Keanu Reeves is one of the prime examples.

So while not everything is completely set to stone, let us hope that they make changes that only enhance the experience.

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