While the US officials aka the Lawmakers or mostly Trump argue over the fact that violence in video games is the real cause of the school shootings that take place now more often. Developer, Gearbox Software, has set forth an example for the world to see that if anything else, video games whether violent or not are perhaps the only piece of entertainment that can make a difference in society, especially on an individual level. Apparently a Terminally ill superfan of Borderlands has been given a free copy by the company so he can perhaps enjoy the game. Bear in mind that Borderlands 3 is a Violent Video Game.

You might have already seen the news of this unfortunate fellow Trevor Eastman, suffering from cancer, diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal, stomach and liver cancer, and apparently his condition does not seem to get better but all our hopes and prayers are with him. Having said that a digital copy of Borderlands 3 was issued for Trevor by Gearbox at the launch of the game

Recently Trevor has also given an update on his conditions and unfortunate as it may seem, he has been taken off chemo and immunotherapy. He has now been placed into hospice care for what may be the remaining days of his life.

While the Violent Borderlands 3 Video Game and many similar may be considered a triggering factor for the real-life violence, let us remind that this here is a prime example of how unfortunate our system his to not see the beauty in this piece of entertainment. It is sickening that lawmakers use video games which seem to be a dying man’s last wish as a scapegoat to save themselves the real trouble.

Following the El Paso, Texas shooting, Walmart took down Video Games and Movies that had any relation to violence, while they have kept the guns on shelves. This is the kind of hypocrisy we live in. Having said that while most of the audience might find this relation of Trevor to with violent video games to be far fetched and probably unrelatable. It has to be seen with a lense of clarity that this is an example of peace and love being promoted through games of such kind.

All of our prayers go out for Trevor, and it would be even more lovely that other companies also participate in such kind of image building by helping ease Trevor fight with the disease.

With all that said, Borderlands 3 rolled out just a few days back on September 13, 2019, across, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows.

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