While a lot of information about various games seem to be popping out as different developers take on the stage at the Tokyo Game Show 2019. Sega was no step behind, as they have showcased a Persona 5 Royal Gameplay video which shows the players the Velvet Room Challenge Battle and impressive it seems.

In fact, as you will see in the video below that this will be a great improvement on the original JRPG. We get to see this feature in action and that has perhaps given us more hope and excitement on how promising the game is going to be.

In the Persona 5 Royal Gameplay we see the Velvet Room Battle Challenge, letting the players take on personas in an attempt to achieve high scores and earn various rare rewards.

Check out the Persona 5 Royal Gameplay below, thanks to YouTube user BuffMaister.

With that being said, fans of PlayStation would be happy to know that to mark the release of Persona 5 Royal, Sony is also releasing a special Persona 5 themed PS4 Pro and it is pretty cool. Check out the images below.

Be that as it may if you have been following the news of Persona 5 lately then you would have heard about a Nintendo Switch Rumor, which has been lately trying to become a part of this hype. Which it would be pretty exciting but at the moment it seems like there are no plans for a Persona 5 Nintendo Switch version. However, not all hope is lost. If this game reaches the level the devs are aiming for, perhaps then, with all the rumors for a Switch version, you never know.

Person 5 Royal is slated to roll out on October 31, 2019, for PS4. Stay Tuned for more updated info regarding it.

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