If there is one thing Naughty Dog has been good at, its definitely keeping a tight cap in the kind of details they want to release about their much-anticipated title, The Last of Us 2. We all know that we have been left with very few precious details about the game’s core elements. However, now you have a solid hope as a media event is scheduled to take place on September 24, where The Last of Us 2 details will definitely surface.

For the more intense fans, this could also allegedly be where they get to finally know the release date of the game. However, that is just a maybe for now. While we can certainly expect some heavy details of the game, we would not advise you to lay expectations about the Last of Us 2 release date.

This news was Twitted by Geoff Keighley, where he posted a flyer kind of image of The Last of Us 2 media event, with some minor details. Along with tagging, Naughty Dog and Neil Druckmann. The event is slated to take place on 24th of September in Los Angeles, CA.

Back in the month of May, there were few job openings at the company, which got most wondering that perhaps a release date might be in the mix, soon enough. However, for months nothing even relating to the release date surfaced but now with this media event, it seems that perhaps among with some heavy The Last of Us 2 details, there might be a release date somewhere.

Did you know that the gameplay of this game is pretty intense, in terms of violence?

The Last of Us 2 is an action-adventure PS4 exclusive by Naughty Dog.

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