It seems like Capcom is trying to up the level of gamin and interest among the fans of Monster Hunter World. With the new Monster Hunter World Iceborne Trailer which is pretty amazing as it introduces us the new vicious Monster known as Rajang.

As you may have observed that Capcom been teasing additional monsters and information videos for quite some time now, on the road to Iceborne before its official launch. Just a few hours back from the release of this trailer another trailer was released that showed off Zinogre and New Elder Dragon Namielle. Now, this new Monster Hunter World Iceborne Trailer sheds light on this angry ape-like monster, who has strong arms, pair of deadly horns, and he possesses the ability to emit lightning bolts from its mouth. It is without a doubt one of the most challenging beasts you will encounter.

As you may see in the trailer below, that there is a special mode of Rajang which seems to be a Rage kind of a mode, in which we see its fur rising and turning golden. So definitely there are a lot more interesting things one can expect.

Having said that Monster Hunter World Iceborne is scheduled to release on September 6 this year across PS4 and Xbox One. All the while, PC users will have to wait until January next year. Be that as it may, make sure that you have a base game to play Iceborne. You will also be able to purchase the Master Edition that includes the base game and the expansion.

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