Just a few days back the upcoming Joker film based on a dark and uncomfortable adaption of one of the famous supervillain of this era, the Joker had its final trailer released. While that trailer spurred a lot of excitement and ambiguity altogether. Some lucky media agencies got the opportunity to watch the film before its original 4th October launch date. According to the Early Reviews of the Joker film, word is that it just might be the best, in fact, the greatest film to surface this year.

When you hear the word Joker, you instantly remember Heath Ledger and the performance he gave in Batman The Dark Knight. However, this is a standalone adaptation of Joker and primarily focuses on his side of the story. What is worthy of mention is the performance by none other than Joaquin Phoenix. He requires a little introduction and for all the right reasons.

We all know about the level of commitment he gives to his roles and he is no short of talent. His entire resume of performances speaks very highly of him. Apparently those who have seen the Joker film, them in their early reviews deem it a performance without bounds. Most of them are already considering his performance an Oscar-worthy one.

According to the friends at IGN, the performance and the film is just spectacular.

Starring a captivating Joaquin Phoenix, The Clown Prince of Crime gets a standalone film for the ages with Joker. –IGN adds.

All the while Empire has stretched out to add that it is,

“Bold, devastating and utterly beautiful”

So if you have not yet been rooting for this film, then you probably should. These early reviewers of the Joker film can not be lying let alone stretching it. The word is out that the film is just amazing. With that being said Joker film is being directed by Todd Phillips and obviously alongside DC.

Check out the final trailer below.

Back in April, we rose a question on what kind of performance we expected from Phoenix in comparison to the previous characters. Now it seems that we have the answers.

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