If you have not yet watched the recently released live-action remake of the much-loved animation film, The Lion King then you surely are at the right place. What you need to consider is that if you are a 90’s guy or a girl, then you might be left with a feeling of incompleteness and aimlessness after watching this amazing new Lion King film. For those who have seen the original 1994, The Lion King film, this new live-action might not be their cup of tea. However, for those who are the next generation they just seem to love it a little too much. By the time you finish this review of The Lion King film, you will be able to distinguish between the fact that how would you want to proceed, watching this film.

It is a huge deal for the old classic fans, however, for the news ones, it is a spectacle. After less than three weeks in theaters, this live-action film soared past 1 billion and still growing, so for those having questions about its financial and commercial success can sit back on that. However, the concern is raised when we compare it with the original handcrafted animation form which it takes its inspiration. There is no reason not to compare it.

To review The Lion King Film (2019) is a tedious task and perhaps a kind that can not be completely described in words. So in an attempt to keep it simple, let us not discuss how the film actually pans out in terms of story. So no worries about the spoilers ahead. That being said you should know that according to The Guardian, this film is “resplendent but pointless”. Pointless is what we are aiming to ponder upon. It seems like the entire film industry is out of new innovative ideas and storylines, trying to remake as many films as possible and are also intent on making money. With less amount to spend on already written plots and acclaimed films, it only seems a reasonable option.

Robbie Collin the British film critic writes,

You soak up its astonishing photoreal visuals, and marvel at the extraordinary progress that can occur within a single generation, yet still ache for the beauty and purity of the hand-crafted animation that was lost to make way for it.”

For those who have seen this new film, just need to answer one question and you will know what it is that is bothering about this film. Do you think that this new photorealistic live-action can win two Oscars? In the music section, you say? Keeping in mind that the new songs while augmenting the old ones but Hans Zimmer‘s score does not seem to be innovative in terms of rewriting the original.

While it can not be argued that the effects are really impressive but the human touch through the computer-generated world falls no way near the emotions and connectivity felt seeing the cartoon, Lion King. Seeing the animals speaking and bursting into intense musical scenes does not seem to compensate at all. There is a reason for that, it is because in a live-action you are trying to capture the essence of various details that are depending on every last bit of pixel.

Coming to the voiceover cast, one may find the change of original cast to be very much settling while some may find the change of voices to be otherwise. On a personal level, while most of the fans seem to be Okay with John Oliver taking over Rowan Atkinson‘s voice for Zazu. Or Chiwetel Ejiofor replacing Jeremy Irons for the Evil uncle, it seems like the previous voices have made their mark in our hearts and these new voices seem to not stand up to the mark. That is acknowledging the fact that all the actors, Donald Glover and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner have done a remarkable job.

So summing up this review of The Lion King (2019) film, one can say that for most of the fans, it is a one time watch and as amazing and successful it is, the film is for the most part pointless that seems to destruct the idea and essence of the original.

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