While it is a known fact that Kojima has always kept the upcoming Death Stranding game as mysterious as possible. However, with the release date approaching, he had to give light to all the rumors about this mysterious game. At Gamescom 2019 the game lost a bit of its strange mysterious vibe. As a new gameplay video was released and some fellows from Gamesradar were also able to play the game. All of which ultimately gave away quite a lot in interesting information about the game. However, that is not all the case. If you are familiar with the style of Kojima you should know that he always manages to keep things up his sleeves. This time in the form of the mysterious aspects of Death Stranding Online. According to a renowned journalist Geoff Keighley, not much is known about the online elements of this upcoming game.

While the single-player is not clear on how one can expect it to be, Kojima has kept a tight grip in the online aspects of Death Stranding.

But what I will say I think about the game is that what he’s doing with the online aspects of it, I think people aren’t quite fully ready for what he’s sort of doing. And if you remember, even in Opening Night Live, we talked a lot about how people like, you know, everyone can like pee on the mushroom, and it’ll grow bigger. And it’s like, I mean, it’s silly and funny, but you got to take that concept and think about how that applies to everything you do in the game, and this sort of connected world and connecting people. Geoff Keighley said.

In fact, while emphasizing more on the online part of the game, he added that Kojima will soon talk about it. So perhaps fans can expect more regarding it.

it’s not just a single-player game is sort of these online components. I think he’ll eventually talk about more of that. But I’m really excited for people to kind of realize what’s in Death Stranding. And again, I don’t even fully understand it. Because there’s so much to it, but you know, he’s operating in such a different level with like, rocking the baby and all this other crazy. Like, we’ll see.

Having said that all, Death Stranding is slated to roll out on November 8th. Apart from that, a PC version of this game is also rumored, so let’s hope that PC gamers also finally get a quality game as well.

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