The famous post-apocalyptic series requires little introduction but this news of perhaps a next Metro Sequel might catch your attention. Just a little while back, the writer famous for his work on the great Metro game series, Dmitry Glukhovsky, has recently teased the fans, implying that yet another post-apocalyptic subway shooter is underway.

Now while it was observed that Metro made somewhat of a brief appearance in the THQ Nordic‘s investor interim report, that took place earlier this week. Now all of it seems to make sense, following the Instagram post by Dmitry. Now we know that IP creator is on board and writing the next game.

So the excitement is real and for all the right reasons.

Now as you may have seen in this Metro box art, Dmitry has added a little touch of his own, to give a stir to some conversations. Having said that for THQ this new Metro game is a mere footnote compared to other upcoming games, the company is working on. Remember Saints Row? Well that too is making a big comeback and along with there is some trouble in Dead Island, so you probably catch the drift.

Having said that all, this year, Metro sequel, Metro Exodus took a major leap into the subterranean survival-horror atmosphere and it was not wasted. The game reached the level of success it aimed for and the gameplay of the game is something that a hardcore gamer would definitely love. Mix all of that with Dmitry’s writing and we have a very captivating game.

So all of this points towards the fact and also gives us the assurance that the next Metro game will be no less. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below?

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