Mass shooting is a term that is best found in a first world country known as USA. Just this last weekend, there have been two Mass shootings within 24 hours of each other. One was in El Paso, Texas and the other one in Dayton, Ohio and both of them were truly horrific. While we really feel for the victims and condemn the incident, it seems like the lawmakers are not taking the actual actions against the Gun Laws in the US. However, a multinational retail corporation that operates a huge chain of hypermarkets, department stores as well as grocery stores, Wallmart, seems to take down anything they own that projects Violence. Most of them include Violent Video Games.

Apparently, the National retailer is reportedly removing signage and displays, which “contain violent images or aggressive behavior”. What is really agitating, is the fact that most of them include video games particularly, violent movies and hunting videos. While we totally understand the feelings which originate from such tragic incidents but this only complicates the scenario of using violent video games and movies as an alleged aggressor behind such incidents.

We are not addressing the elephant in the room, the gun laws need to stricken, period. What is really hilarious and hypocritical is the two-faced approach Walmart has taken. While they have taken down Video Games and Movies which relate to violence, they have kept the guns on shelves.

This is not the first time, we are addressing an issue of this nature, over the past years we have seen similar approached by government and even large business. All of which try to use violence in video games as a scapegoat.
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