You can without any doubt consider this game an underdog if nothing less. Final Crash a classic beat ’em up/brawler game, developed by not so popular AGAR developers and publishers. Just recently this Brawler game, Final Crash had its demo released and while it’s nothing huge, it still seems to ignite a fire in the hearts of the fans of classic brawler genre.

This demo although is pretty limited but it does give quite a feeler. What is really interesting is the fact that up to 4 players can fight together or against each other. Which means each one of the 4 players can decide to either team up as a hero or become a part of the enemy swarm. You will get to decide how you want to play.

Back in the old days, we did have such games like Final Fight, to which this is pretty similar. In fact, most of the fans consider it to be a genuine reformation of it.

That said, the game has 6 amazing gameplay modes, which include, Traning, Story, Ranked, Horde, FreePlay, and Arena.

  • Training: Practice a diverse range of moves against a training dummy/player or custom enemy group.
  • Story: The classic brawler mode.
  • Ranked: Test your skill against the clock and build up a hi-score by linking attacks while avoiding damage.
  • Horde: Try to survive against increasing numbers of enemies, defeat as many waves as you can.
  • Freeplay: Choose if you want to be a hero or join the enemy ranks and see who comes out victorious.
  • Arena: Fight each other in multi-player vs mode.

Apart from all that, upon seeing the demo of this Brawler Game Final Crash, it seems evident how the devs have transformed the old classic style of gaming. The advanced 2d sprites with customizable colors which are themselves dynamically lit within the 3D world are just amazing. Rest assured the game has a robust combat system that brings in movements like, stand/crouch blocking, parry, back-dash, arid-dash, action canceling, cross-ups and much more.

The demo of the game is currently available while the release date of the complete game is not yet known. Stay tuned for more.

Final Crash Brawler Game Demo Is Pretty Decent 3.5/5 (70%) 2 votes
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