Just a little while back, the British video game developer Hello Games announced the launch date for its next big No Man’s Sky Update and it is just around the corner. Yes the update for this vast open-world, action-adventure survival game is set to roll out in just a matter of days, on August 14th to be exact.

If you may remember, Hello Games revealed the Beyond update for No Man’s Sky back in March but no launch date was revealed. However, back then they also added that virtual reality support would also be included as a part of a free bundle. Now with just a matter of days before this update rolls out, there is a lot of excitement among fans for all the right reasons.

Apart from that Beyond update will also be delivering a revamped multiplayer experience and the best part is that both VR based players and non-VR players both will be able to play together.

Having said that there is one major thing as well but unfortunately the devs have kept a tight grip on it for time being. And the release date announcement trailer also does not shed any extra light on that. Perhaps the devs might reveal it closer to the release date.

Rest assured, No Man’s Sky has traveled a long distance to overcome its fears as an unsuccessful game towards a successful game.

To add more if you are not sure about this update, earlier this year, Hello Games invited some hand-picked members of the press to check out this very update. And the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. So perhaps devs might have nailed one with this update. Only time will tell and it won’t be that long.

August 14th is the date. Stay tuned at Virtual Oracle for more updates.

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