Just a few months ago Kojima Productions gave away the release date for their highly anticipated title, Death Stranding. Setting a November release really gave a rush in hearts of the fans of this upcoming game. However, it also rose some concerns on whether the studio will be able to complete something this magnanimous. Will they be able to fulfill their promise? That was the real question which gave heed to all the rumors suggesting that their just might be a delay in the release date of Death Stranding. To which the Hideo Kojima himself took to his official Twitter account to reveal that the release date of this game will stay true to its promised time and will still be as amazing as expected.

When Death Stranding got a release date, a few months back, everyone was surprised at whether or not, four-year development is enough to all the promises the devs have made. However, according to Kojima, there will be no delay in the release date of Death Stranding. He also added that this game possesses the kind of element which is not known to the gamers. They have not seen such type of game before, the gameplay, the world atmosphere, the aesthetics and the visuals the devs have aimed to create is just amazing.

Now, although Kojima has used the word crunch time, taking it in not literal terms, it would mean that they are working as hard as they can to make the release window of the game. In fact, it also suggests that they do not want to extend the release date as well and that is why they are also giving in overtime.

Be that as it may, let us hope that Kojima using crunch time is in a metaphorical sense and not literal. As recently, the studios like NetherRealm and Naughty Dog have received quite a backlash over it. Both of these studios are known to produce quality products but at what costs? That is the real concern and most of the gaming community is inclined towards ending of inappropriate pressure put on the developers. And even big companies like CD Projekt Red do not escape from it.

Having said that, provided the fact that there is no delay in the release date of Death Stranding, it is in that case stuck with the original release of 8th November 2019. It will roll out exclusively on PS4. Both the game and the Collectors edition are available for pre-order.

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