The Man In The High Castle Final Season Comic Con Promo Is Just Epic


At the recent Comic Con among so many other interesting, this that happened was the showcasing of the upcoming The Man In The High Castle Final Season. Yes, Amazon Prime has released a very small promo trailer for this much anticipated, Nazi-inspired season and it is just epic.

The trailer is about 1 minute and 46 seconds in length but it is a clip that starts right where the Season 3 left off.

*Contains Spoilers*

If you’d remember, the last time we saw Juliana Crane was when Jon Smith shot her in the cell, where she was kept hostage but as soon as he shot her, she disappeared. Implying that she was a traveler and she has transited to the other side.

This The Man in The High Castle Final Season Comic Con trailer shows us the place where she has traveled to and we observe that it is a total opposite of what she has left behind. We see John Smith and his son there not in a Nazi uniform but rather in a normal dressing trying to help her out as she is wounded. However, she is injured and confused as she is not able to contemplate what the hell is going on.

So are you excited about this upcoming final season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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