Earlier today the PS4 firmware 7.0 launched as a beta and since then Sony has been touting over the increased party size from eight players to sixteen players along with the capability to perform a system update with rebooting the PlayStation 4 console as the key feature of this PS4 firmware. What is really interesting is the fact that this PS4 Firmware 7.0 also comes with System Level HDR tuning settings for brightness and darkness.

Apparently, this HDR tune setting was discovered by the testers. It is great news of the gamers as there are plenty of games that currently lack the proper tuning feature. In fact, some of the early reports also suggest that this affects applications such as Netflix as well.

Having said that, all of this comes in the form of reports by the PS4 users. So if you have access to the PS4 firmware 7/0 beta, then do let us know whether the HDR Tuning Settings In PS4 Firmware 7.0 actually delivers improvements with HDR content or not.

Talking about PS4 we can not help but mention that while we all are aware of the fact that the next-gen PlayStation console is under production, PS4 Worldwide Shipments have reached a staggering 96.8 million as of March 31st, 2019.

So with the time span till the release of PS5 which is slated to roll out in 2020. There is ample time for the company to surpass 100 million units. Perhaps even more.

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