The fans of Witcher game series have been rooting to see how Netflix will be demonstrating their take on the game, in the form of TV Series. Well while we know that it has been a while, Netflix has just recently dropped the first trailer of the upcoming The Witcher TV Series and while it surely is amazing, it also makes big promises.

As you may already know, this series is based on the popular stories by Andrzej Sapkowski, you may also know that the video game was a massive success. The Witcher 3 by CD Projekt Red really was a breakthrough if nothin less in the gaming industry. So it seems to reason and perhaps also puts pressure on Netflix to not spoil this TV show.

However, as you may see in the trailer below, in The Witcher TV Series Trailer, Netflix has suggested that they just might pull it off.

Check out the trailer below.

Before this trailer, not much was revealed about the season, apart from some early imgaes, not much was released. Aside from all that the release date of the series is set in the final quarter of 2019. So consider that alongside this trailer, and we have ourselves something to really look forward to.

Furthermore, if it is any assurance, you might also be happy to know that according to Media insider’s Casey Walsh, this series is shaping up pretty good and that we surly can expect future seasons as well.

While all seems to be pitch-perfect at the moment, we still have our reservations, un till we see the complete season with our own eyes. The video game has set the benchmark a little too high, will the Netflix be able to stand up to it is the real concerns of the fans.

So what are your thoughts about The Witcher TV Series Trailer? Do you think Netflix will deliver us something really outstanding or ordinary? Let us know in the comments below.

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