While the upcoming Sony’s console may require little introduction, there still are quite a lot of questions and concerns amongst fans regarding, various aspects and features PS5 will bring to the table. Among those concerns is the one that seems to have caught quite a lot of attention of the past few years. The Virtual Reality has pretty much integrated itself in entertainment let alone gaming. This takes us to the recent information that has recently been discovered, regarding PS5 VR Headset. Discovered in a patent filed by Sony, it seems like the company has plans to make a breakthrough VR headset.

Back in 2016, Sony launched PlayStation VR and since then it seems to have worked wonders for the audience out there. Letting the gamers transform their consoles into full-fledged VR rigs will not be just tip of the iceberg as far as technological advancement is concerned. Rumor has it that in terms of VR, Sony has future plans to make a groundbreaking reality.

While Sony has already confirmed that PS5 console will be compatible with current PSVR hardware, it also seems to be the case that the Entertainment giant has bigger plans for PS5 based VR headset down the line.

There has been, what you call a surge of patents leaks, rumors which have clarified to some extent that the company is, in fact, developing perhaps new PSVR equipment. However, as it may seem, its development and release may take more time than even PS5. That said, there also have been theories which suggest its launch to take place alongside, PS5’s, fingers crossed on that one.

While we hold our fingers on the launch window, some of the patent blueprints which have recently been discovered suggest that the headset would be completely wireless. Moreover, some of the leaked specs have also shed light on its presumed price. Claiming that a variant that costs $250 will support around 1560-by-1440 resolution, with a 12-hertz refresh rate, hence providing a 22–degree field of view. Furthermore, with five hours of battery life with eye-tracking support.

On June 11, Sony also gave confirmation that the VR headset it’s working on incompatibility with PS5, will be able to track user’s head position and even eye movements, this was discovered in a patent application published by USPTO.

Read the summary of the patent below:

The detection section detects the posture of a head-mounted display worn on the head of a user. The status determination section determines a user’s gaze direction and a binocular inclination angle in accordance with the posture of the head-mounted display, which is detected by the detection section.”

So while leaks and rumors always have a way of catching the attention it is to be noted that only authentic announcements are to be considered and perhaps some patent leaks as well. Still, stay tuned here at Virtual Oracle, for more news regarding next-gen consoles.

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