The news of next Black Female taking a role of 007 might come as one of the biggest shocks of the year. For most of the James Bond fans are still mulling over this decision, it appears to be that the next 007 is a black female. You may remember her from her role in Captian Marvel, her name is Lashana Lynch.

Now while you let that sink in, there is no doubt that Lynch is a class apart actor. However, this news does come as a big surprise, as for years it has been speculated over and over again, that who will take the role of 007 once Daniel Craig steps aside. It is a known fact that taking a role of such magnitude only leaves very few in the list of actors, who could stand up to the mark. Bond Franchise is perhaps the most durable and profitable film franchise in history. For anyone who is lucky enough to be considered must have the talent and the reputation to be the bond.

On that note, we are not sure whether Lynch has all that is required to be the next bond and we do not say that because she is black. While the Bond franchise has decided to take her in, there is a lot that has to be considered, which we are assuming they already have. Still, a black female 007 might quite a lot of resistance from the bond community. That said, we also think that it was about time that 007 producers thought of make a big change.

What is really challenging is the fact that one can not criticize or opinionate on this change, in-depth as, for the most part, no matter what you do, even if you rise above color or gender discrimination, there is a certain stigma that will label you as a racist or discriminatory for taking up the point that we think that it is a poor choice. Perhaps driven by social pressure to break the stigma of gender and color that already exists.

For years, Bond films have men as agents and that is no stigma, you can start another franchise for females as well but no, you had to prove a point by making a change by breaking the change. Its like Wonder Women from DC suddenly becomes a Wonder Man? Get my drift? That change would be a tough one to swallow.

That said, we have high hopes that all of this will pan out perfectly, and that we will have the level of entertainment we all have been aiming for. Also, according to a report, this next black female 007 will also allegedly be revealed in the upcoming Bond 25 film.

Which reminds us that just moments ago we also came to know that Christoph Waltz is reprising his role in the Upcoming Bond 25 Film, alongside Remi Malek. So a lot of reason to be excited and confused about.

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