While it is an emerging fact that the future of gaming belongs to digital platforms, especially streaming technology, there still are certain factors which are to be considered if you are a consumer. Google Stadia is something new in the gaming industry and while it seems to make big promises, delivering them won’t be an easy task. That said, Sony and Microsoft are the old Godfathers of the gaming industry and they know all ins and outs on how such things work. So here we thought of creating a friendly match between the three, Google Stadia Vs Consoles Vs PC.

Putting that into context, one has to consider a lot of things when adapting to a platform in terms of future reference. One of which key concern is the cost-effectiveness of the product. We know that Microsoft has its Xbox Scarlett in the mix while Sony has its PS5 in the work. Obviously, both have considered the introduction of the streaming service, Google Stadia into the market.

First off in the Google Stadia Vs Consoles Vs PC comparison, if there is anything that puts Stadia on a backfoot its the limited library of games, it will have upon its launch. And that is perhaps what Microsoft and Sony will be aiming to exploit. This would be the case at least in the early days of Stadia, considering the fact that Google is a giant company and probably already has things planned out.

However, initially, Google Stadia cannot compete with traditional consoles in terms of video games library. But what about the price and the cost-effectiveness? Would it be a wise option to purchase Stadia? Can Stadia offer cheaper gaming?

What most of the journalists and writers of the gaming industry do not realize when making a comparison of other platforms with Stadia is that Google probably never had any intentions to compete with Sony’s console or Microsoft. However, the main feature it provides specifically aims to assist PC users.

We all have been there, building a gaming rig is a hefty job and a costly one as well. Not many gamers have a gaming PC that could run high-end games at 4k with 60 stable FPS, right? So, that is where Stadia comes in, the cost Stadia introduces, will be the same for everyone. No PC gamer would have to spend on upgrading PCs every now and then.

Google Stadia Vs Consoles Vs PC

Now on average, a traditional console cycle lasts for 7-years so taking that time span into account, here is what the cost of consoles, Stadia, and PC would compare with each other.

  • 7-years of Stadia Pro = $840
  • An average of 5 $60 AAA games a year for 7 years = $2,100
  • The total cost of Google Stadia for 7-years = $2,940
  • PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett both are expected to be around $499.

All the while, both upcoming consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, are expected to price around $499.(Which may change)

  • Expected upfront cost = $499
  • An average of 5 $60 AAA games for 7 years = $2,100
  • The total cost of console gaming for 7-years = 2,599

Put that in comparison with the PC, costs and you just might catch the drift.

An extremely powerful gaming PC with the current latest RTX 2080 Ti along with Intel Core i7-9700K, Memory of 32GB and Storage: 480GB M.2 SSD/2TB HDD would cost somewhere between $1200 and $3,225.99. Obviously, it will be able to deliver 4k resolution with 60FPS but you get the idea.

Now a cheap gaming PC can drop as low as $400 but bear in mind that it will be limiting your capacity to run games properly, let alone thinking of 4k would go out of the window.

The vice president and general manager for Google, Phil Harrison, says that Consoles are an inconvenience to gamers. Which might be the case but the way Google Stadia was introduced, its prime target is to integrate itself in the gaming industry. Once they have a significant number of subscribers, and a grown library that is when Consoles will encounter some trouble.

The industry is in transition. Not every developer and publisher is ready to move to a subscription yet. Franky, not every gamer is ready to move to a subscription yet. So we wanted to give gamers a choice so they could engage in the game they want in the way they wanted – and in all cases, without the very high upfront cost of buying a sophisticated device to put under their TV or their desk.Phil Harrison said.

While many argue that playing on multiple screens can’t be much of a reason to buy Stadia, they seem to not acknowledge the fact that it would perhaps be one the most convenient platform ever. However, there are some surveys which show that people are not interested in Google Stadia as one might think off. Well, that is because people do not know about it yet. It is still pretty much a mystery. All that can change with a blink of an eye. It might take Stadia some time but bets are that as soon as it launches, in a matter of months, people will have a better understanding of it and they just might prefer it over other consoles. It all depends on availability. Everyone has a Google account and Youtube account, so you would not even have to move even to play the games on Mobile devices while you are traveling or in office, or on any screen available to you.

The Internet Concern

Having said that the next big question everyone is wondering about is the fact that there are limitations to internet connections even in the United States. That is mostly crap, do you not think that Google would release a streaming service that requires minimum 25MBPS internet connection without studying its target audience and the availability of connection? Obviously, they have done that already, so wondering that Internet connection would affect the gaming should be the last of the worries.

For any streaming service to succeed in the United States and perhaps other countries significant infrastructure changes must be made but they won’t be limiting Stadia. Stadia would achieve that in a matter of months if not years.

Why do we say that? Google is a gold mine, wherever and whatever Google has touched, it has turned it into gold. Everything is connected when it comes to Google. While Sony and Microsoft themselves are major players, they too know that streaming based gaming is the future and they too are working on moving towards it. Put that with the competition of their respective consoles, Xbox vs PS and you have an emerging winner, Stadia.

With all that said, Internet speeds, data caps, and digital ownership might be some of the initial concerns which may seem big initially but in the long run they all will be resolved.

What is your take over, Google Stadia, in terms of future of gaming? Let us know in the comments below.

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