Among a great many games that got featured at E3 2019, was the upcoming GhostWire Tokyo. As soon as it got featured, a lot of hope and excitement outbursted along with the expectations that in most cases don’t normally meet. However, with this new teaser image of GhostWire Tokyo, a lot of spark has been added to the ongoing excitement.

While obviously, it is no trailer of any kind or something that got featured at E3, still this new image tease does give a small morsel of something about this upcoming game.

On the Twitter page of the game Director, Ikumi Nakamura a looping teaser image was published, which is about a minute long. While it is pretty small it definitely is a decent piece of art that compliments the trailer we all saw at E3.

In fact, it reveals that the game will be set in the near future. The message with this Tweet has a pretty decent and poetic feel and perhaps in a peculiar way asks us whether this is normal or paranormal. Obviously what it means at this point is anyone’s guess. Hopefully, this means that there is probably more teasers coming our way, maybe then we might be able to get a proper idea about it all.

So all of this is pretty exciting. With that being said, GhostWire Tokyo is the next game in line from Tango Gameworks. At the moment we have no particular time frame for its release and also have no particular information regarding the systems it might roll out on.

What is your take over this new GhostWire Tokyo Teaser Image? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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