While the rights of women is another global issue, the stance of Konami for not integrating women in their upcoming game PES 2020 does not seem to help. While Women’s football has become more and more popular than ever before, especially with the ongoing 2019 World Cup, sparking the light of hope in the hearts of female fans, Konami’s statement although might not directly imply that they have anything against integration of women in the game. Still keeping the firm stance on not including them resonates as a bias, at least to some level.

The series’ European brand manager, Lennart Bobzien, talking with Gamespot, said that while he personally supports the women’s game, there are no plans to integrate women into efootball PES 2020.

“I personally support the women’s game and have been following the World Cup closely. However we currently don’t have any plans to integrate women into eFootball PES 2020.”

All the while, EA has an edge over this matter as they have the licensing rights to feature both genders in the FIFA World Cup competitions. It is disappointing that Konami has not taken even an interest in introducing women into the game at all. Given the fact that sport is now more popular than ever among women and Konami including women in the upcoming PES 2020, it would have to the least served a good gesture of support.

Konami by no standards can make an excuse, either financial or legal for not including them. It is clear that they have deliberately chosen to not pursue this, perhaps because it might not make them money.

Be that as it may, PES 2020 is slated to roll out on September 10 this year, across PS4, Xbox One, and PC. PES has always stood up to the mark when it came to football gaming. So keeping other things aside, a demo version of PES 2020 will launch on July 30th and it will include, online and offline match types along with the game’s edit mode.

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