This is not the first time and seemingly it also does not appear to be the last time any Sony PlayStation user has fallen victim to the Security Exploit. Which apparently lets the hackers use customer credit card info without the requirement of the security code. For obvious reasons, we can not disclose how you can actually do that but apparently, a user has decided to upload a video that shows how it can be done. We are making it available because it is not something that anyone can go around doing themselves. As it requires, a stolen PSN account.

Be that as it may, Sony can consider this a shout out that they definitely need to handle this ASAP. The video has been made available below. It is about 15 minutes long and shows the process of how hackers are able to commit fraud using the stolen user account, even though the security check for the user’s main account via CVV confirmation. That said, we sincerely apologize for sharing this video, as we do not want it to catch any attention as it may be harmful to some of the active scene members.

However, we also feel that it is necessary and beneficial for the fans that this news reaches the right people as they certainly need to not only take notice of this but also deal with this technically.

This is without a doubt, among a “major screw up” category. Not only has Sony kept a silent stance over this issue but it seems that they have been sleeping. This exploit has potentially been costing members a lot of money while allowing the thieves to profit from it.

We will not go into further details on how it can be done. However, we would like to add that Sony currently has its next-gen PlayStation console PS5 in the works. It is slated to roll out next year and if this is the way Sony will address the issue then they will certainly be losing quite a lot of reputation. Let’s hope that Sony wakes up and address this issue.

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