Although we have learned recently that Cross Play support for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will be coming soon enough but it will only be limited to the consoles and not Google Stadia. By now we all have come to an understanding that Stadia is a major game changer in the gaming industry. Trying to minimize the requirement of a powerful console or a system to only good and stable internet. Stadia seemed to be gaining significant popularity. However, all that is put into question with the recently revealed news of Destiny 2 Cross Play to not be rolling out for Stadia platform.

While the cross play, will let the players jump between all the available consoles, that include, PS4, Xbox One, PC as well as Google Stadia. Without the loss of game progress, Bungie has just recently added an anticlimax that Destiny 2 Cross Play On Stadia won’t be able to save the progress between different ports, at least not right away.

This was revealed in the recently posted Q&A of the official site of Bungie. Where the company explained that Destiny 2:S Shadowkeep cross-play between PC and Consoles won’t be available until Stadia’s fall 2020 release date approaches.

When asked, whether,

Stadia will feature cross-play with Steam or other platforms?

They said that Stadia is itself an ecosystem, similar to the other already existing platforms. Stadia Players will only be able to play with other Stadia players. So in short words, PS4 players won’t be able to play with Stadia. And while they seem to have assured the fans that won’t always be the case, it seems highly unlikely that we will be getting the support of cross-save feature anytime soon.

Destiny’s Mark Noseworthy pointing towards the possibility of it happening in the future said;

We’ve already mentioned that we’d love to bring cross-play to Destiny 2. There’s no policy or technological barrier preventing us from including Stadia. We’d be looking to include every platform. This year though, we’re focused on delivering cross save to all platforms.

So the catch here is that while in the Q&A Bungie has reiterated that there is a technical limitation adding that Stadia is an ecosystem of its own. Mark Noseworthy seems to have contradicted the said statement by adding as mentioned above that there is no technological barrier preventing them from including Stadia.

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